Top This: The Giardinera at Co.

Top This

Learn how to work a new topping onto your pies.

[Photographs: Eunice Choi]

Here in New York, it's officially fall. Luckily, there's still some late summer produce to be found, and Jim Lahey's Chelsea pizzeria Co. is eking out the last of the eggplants, squash, and peppers for its Giardinera pie.

Topped with a roasted red pepper sauce, charred corn, thinly sliced squash and eggplant, red onion, and garlic, the garden-fresh pizza is finished with olive oil, chili flakes, and pecorino. It goes into Co.'s wood-burning oven for a hot second, then comes out crust charred, toppings just-barely cooked. It's spicier than it looks, with a strong chili-garlic kick, but complemented by the sweetness of the pepper sauce and the zucchini.

For a vegan rendition, the cheese can easily be omitted. It's available only for a limited time as a part of their summer menu, which also includes gazpacho, fig toast, and a coconut sorbet. Run to Chelsea and grab this pizza while you can, or whip one up in the comfort of your own home!

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