Video: Zagat Rounds Up Regional Pizza Styles

Adam's Sfincione for Zagat Pizza Styles

Sfincione [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

In an energetic, nicely produced 60-second video (and accompanying slideshow), Zagat, that touchstone of food culture, makes a whirlwind tour of the melting pot of pizza styles all over the U.S.

They do a decent job—and I definitely was craving pizza of any kind afterwards—but some of their "style" categories seem a little dubious to me. Does breakfast pizza really count as a style, or just a topping variation? "Ice cream pizza" has the same categorical iffiness for me (I also have zero interest in trying any).

Also, as anyone who's familiar with our own regional style guide might notice, they missed a few! No Pizza Bianca, Sfincione, or nuanced sub-categorical styles like New York Neapolitan, among others, make it into the Zagat catalog.

On the other hand, our list doesn't feature some of their options, such as Korean pizza, or Brazilian pizza (are those suddenly American?). So readers, what else is out there? What idiosyncratic regional or local pizza styles do you know and love?

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