Video: Watch NASA's 3D Pizza Printer in Action


Earlier this year, we told you about a $125,000 grant from NASA to fund the creation of a 3D printer. For space!

The goal? Viable, nutritious meals (read: pizza) for potential consumption by astronauts on their intrepid voyages into the vast beyond. Well, folks, part one of the dream officially became reality earlier this month at the SXSW Eco Conference, where Systems & Materials Research Corporation debuted their design in action.

That action? Pizza printing!

Watch the Video

The ingredients currently being printed consist of dough, tomato ketchup, and cream cheese. Deeelish! Between printed pizza and test tube burgers, it's been a big year for sci-fi science. Now, all they have to do is launch that baby into the stars and, the truly daunting challenge, find somebody willing to dig in.

So? Any takers?