Video: Jon Stewart Calls for a Pizza Truce...But Not Before Getting in Some Final Digs

Strife of Pie Jon Stewart NY vs. Chicago

[Photograph: Eater/Daily Show]

In the ongoing battle between Jon Stewart and what seems like all of Chicago, the Daily Show aired the latest installment last night in a three-part series called "Strife of Pie."

For those of you out of the loop, a brief recap: last week Jon Stewart launched into a tirade that can only be described as epic, decrying Chicago pizza. Understandably, the response was immediate and intense—offended local news outlets, defensive Chicagoans, Rahm Emmanuel's taunting instagram, and a visit to NYC by Marc Malnati, of Chicago pizza institution Lou Malnati's.

Some sort of comeback on Stewart's part was inevitable, and comeback he's delivered. The gist of his response to the various complainers? Get over it and do your jobs. The premise of the second segment (featuring Steve Buscemi, Matthew Broderick, Jason Jones, and Michael Strahan) is that pizza isn't just pizza to New Yorkers—it's magic.

In the final segment, Stewart takes Marc Malnati up on his offer, bringing him onstage bearing deep dish pizza. A few bites of Marc's "very tasty" pizza are enough, and Stewart calls for a truce between the two cities (but not without casting some shade on California pizza right at the end).

Is it enough? Apology accepted? Did he capitulate too easily? Wherever you stand, have at it in the comments!

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