Pizza at the Push of a Button, 2.0

PiePal Pizza Button

The PiePal [Photograph: PiePal]

At the end of the summer, word came my way of a pretty revolutionary sounding idea—the Niagara Falls Country Inn & Suites had installed a "pizza button" on their phones, making it as easy as possible for guests to get a pie ASAP.

Now, as reported by PSFK, iStrategyLabs has made the next move on the pizza button frontier, with their new creation, the PiePal. Linked to Domino's, it lets you bypass their 5-step ordering system: just push the wire stuffed button, choose the number of pies you want, and wait.

The button's cartoonish exterior connects to the system using its credit-card sized single-processor computer and JavaScript and a bunch of other technical jargon that means very little to me. For the criminally shy (or lazy) pizza addicts out there, you might want to get on this—PiePal is running beta tests right now. Me? I think I'll stick to the phone until Domino's isn't the only option on the table.