Poll: How Many Slices is Lunch?

Poll Slices for Lunch 2013

Joe's Pizza, Greenwich Village [Photograph: Adam Kuban]

Last time, I wanted to know—desperate and hungry, what pizza mashups do you turn to in your time of need? From pizzagna to pizzaritos, 614 of you voted, and the results were close. The winner, by 60 votes, was the English muffin pizza (my own favorite). This was a great one for comments, with lots of ideas that never even occurred to me; pizza rice, pizza puffs, cheesy blasters, pizza grilled cheese, egg roll pizza...you get the picture. My pizza universe has officially been expanded.

I would argue that pizza is a great meal any time of the day (even breakfast) but there's no denying it makes an especially good lunch. Quick, easy, satisfying, cheap, and above all delicious...but just how many slices really make a lunch? Adam originally posed this question back in 2009, but I thought it bore re-examining.

For the sake of argument, let's assume we're talking a plain, average, NY-style slice. I can devour half a pie no problem for dinner (as I easily did the other night—don't judge me—at my weekly D&D game), but for lunch? I try to exhibit a little more restraint, and stick to one, maybe two slices.

What about you? How many slices do you typically eat for lunch?

How Many Slices Do You Eat For Lunch?