Chronicles of a 5-Day Pizza Cleanse

Thrillist's Pizza Cleanse

[Photograph: Andy Kryza]

Thrillist looked at the slew of juice and elimination diets out there, and cried out—why not pizza? So for five days, Andy Kryza, willing subject, would eat pizza for every meal of the day. The rules were simple: each morning he would have a green juice, and each day he'd get some moderate exercise, and pizza all the time.

The days each had their themes. Day 1 was Pizza Chains, consisting of Sbarro, Little Caesar's, and Papa Murphy's. Day 2 was limited to Frozen Pizza Stuff, in this case Bagel Bites, Totino's Pizza Rolls, and Freschetta. Day 3 was an exploration of Regional Styles—Andy made it through a New York style slice and Chicago deep-dish, but couldn't stomach anything more for dinner. Day 4 was his highlight, the Fancy Pants Pizza day, with a tandoori chicken pie, wood fired pizza, and a margherita loaded with some much needed arugula. The final day was also the toughest—Day 5 was Fake, Pizza Flavored Crap (Pizzeria Pretzel Combos, Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, Pizza Goldfish, and a Lunchables Pizza Box).

How did it turn out for Andy? Not...awesome. His account of the whole experience is kind of harrowing, and I'm definitely not in any rush to subject myself to this cleanse (or any other) any time soon.

If any of you diehard pizza fans out there do give it a shot (and live to tell the tale) let us know how it goes! You can read the full account here.