Video: See How Frozen Pizza is Made


Conveyor dough disks [Photograph: Discovery]

As most of us ramp up to one of the most epically involved cooking days of the year, pause for a moment and check out this episode of the Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" for a behind-the-scenes peek at a food on the other end of the spectrum—frozen pizza.

There's nothing particularly shocking here, but witnessing the sheer scale that these places produce on is kind of appallingly hypnotic. (The deluge of Shining-esque tomato sauce and the gray chunks falling from the "meat applicator" are mostly just appalling.)

Watch the Video

[Video: TRR56]

Frozen or fresh, pizza is obviously an awesomely easy, pre-Thanksgivukkah-madness meal option (in fact, so many people order pizza the night before Thanksgiving that Pizza Hut has dubbed the day "Red Roof Wednesday", touting it as the pizza world's Black Friday). Whatever you're celebrating this week, have a blast—and maybe save some room for pizza. See you after the holidays, Slice'rs!