What's Up in Pizza: Tattoos, Fancy-Pants Pies, Pizza Art, and More!

Pi Pizza Truck Tattoos

[Photograph: CultureMap Houston]

  • Anthony Calleo, owner of Houston based Pi Pizza Truck, has a deal for you: get a Pi Pizza Truck themed tattoo from Scorpion Studios tattoo artist Gabe Massey, and you get one slice of pizza every day for the rest of your life (or as long the truck keeps serving anyway). According to CultureMap Houston 22 people rose to the challenge last time, and so the offer is back in play this year; Massey will be ready and waiting this Friday and Sunday with special designs, and it'll be first come, first inked.
  • According to Eater, Mazzou Pizza in Verdun claims to serve the world's most expensive pie, for $4,250. Known as the "Miss Verdun", it's topped with white truffles, lobster, caviar, and 24-Carat gold flakes (a classic trick for kicking up the bill). The outrageous price tag also includes a personal chef, ready to whip up the pie in your kitchen—and a chamber orchestra. A little digging, and Eater turned up an even pricier option—the Louis XIII pie from Chef Renato Viola of Salerno. Topped with more high-end ingredients, you can order from anywhere in Italy and a small team of chefs are dispatched to prepare it for you...for $12,000.
  • Which reminds me—the bitcoin pizza. We know anyone with enough bitcoins can trade them for pizza now thanks to Pizzaforcoins.com, but do you remember the pizza that started it all? In 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz sent 10,000 BTC to a British volunteer, who bought him $25 worth of Papa John's. Since then the bitcoin value has skyrocketed, and BusinessInsider reports that as of November 2013, the 10,000 BTC Hanyecz spent on pies in 2010 translates to $6,000,000.
  • Tumblr Pizza Pop

    [Photograph: Lauren Manning]

  • NYC-based designer Lauren Manning is the creative mind behind the Tumblr 100 Ways to Serve Pizza. She describes the project succinctly—"A creative exercise to go beyond logical thinking and explore ways of solving the same problem over and over in different ways. In two days, I came up with 100 different ways to serve pizza. Some make sense, some are funny, and most are just plain ridiculous." Ridiculous or not, now I totally want a pizza pop.