Gift Guide: For the Pizza-Lover


The holiday season is upon us! Which means, if you're anything like me, you only just realized (perhaps even upon reading this) that you need to frantically figure out a way to cobble together some presents for friends and family. If those friends or family members happen to be pizza lovers, well...relax, because boy do I have some pie-centric presents for you! We've done some pizza gift guides in the past, but a little digging has turned up a whole new batch of gifts just for slice'rs.

Pizza Cat T-Shirt

Pizza Gift Guide 2013 Cat Shirt

[Photograph: Hot Topic]

Pizza we love. Cats can be pretty cool. Pizza peppered with cat heads? OBVIOUSLY YES. This shirt is a million kinds of wonderful—you've got your vaguely evil looking cats, your cute cats, your slightly wall-eyed cats, and most importantly, you've got your slice. I'm especially digging that weirdo cat face on the right, that's all "WUT", but take your pick. The shirt is 100% cotton, and sells on Amazon for $20.50; it's only in men's sizes, but that either a) makes it perfect for any dudes you know or b) makes it the best sleep shirt in the world.

Temporary Tats

Pizza Gift Guide 2013 Temporary Tattoo

[Photograph: Etsy]

I'm kind of a wuss, so while I can get pretty into other people's tattoos, I would almost certainly never be able to get one of my own (I'm also terminally indecisive). On both fronts, this next gift is perfect: temporary tattoos, with the option to choose from pizza and much more! Okay, three more. But I would be seriously into repping any of these comfort food tattoos until the eco-friendly soy ink began to fade. The set (and others also available for sale) are from Hartland Brooklyn, owned by Cobble Hill artist Emily Grace Johnson.

Pizza iPhone Case

Pizza Gift Guide 2013 iPhone Case

[Photograph: Society6]

I've only been an iPhone owner for half a year or so (it was also my first smart phone, period—previously you'd have caught me with the free-with-my-plan flip phone), and one of the first things I did was get a case. Society6 makes great ones, with a seemingly endless number of designs to choose from. This hand drawn (no two slices alike!) pizza pattern case comes from Zoe Christmas, an all-around artist hailing from Vancouver. We all know we spend too much time on our phones...why not at least proclaim your love for pizza with this stylishly graphic choice?

Pizza Accessories

Pizza Gift Guide 2013 Necklace Cufflinks

[Photographs: Amazon]

For those of us who want to say, "I love pizza", not scream it, these little touches of whimsy are a great option. Whether it's the sterling silver pizza box necklace or the tiny pizza cutter cufflinks, the owner of these is all about expressing heir love through the tiny details. Cute, simple, and understated they're a pretty safe bet.

Pet Bed

Pizza Gift Guide 2013 Pet Bed

[Photograph: Amazon]

Obviously animals love pizza. If you happen to have an especially pie-crazy pet, I've got just the thing: this photo-realistic pepperoni pizza bed! It's marketed towards dogs, but who says cats don't want a space to curl up and nap out? Machine washable, the colors won't bleed and the bed won't shrink when you run it through the dryer, so no need to worry—your pets can dream as energetically as they want. About three feet round, it should be big enough for most needs (assuming you aren't the owner of a seriously massive Maine Coon or Newfoundland or something).

Pizza Pillow

Pizza Gift Guide 2013 Pillow

[Photograph: Society6]

Confession: I'm kind of a pillow maniac. If you know anyone else like this—friends or family members who need a pillow on their lap, on their seat, under their arms, behind their back, a veritable fort of supportive pillows—then here's just the thing. This pop-art, neon-hued pillow is designed with an abstract pizza theme, drawn by artist Michael Todd Berland (whose "about" section is right up our alley). Made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric and individually cut and sewn by hand, you have a number of options—indoor or outdoor case, three different sizes, and with or without a pillow insert.

Beyonce Get-Up

Pizza Gift Guide 2013 Beyonce

[Photograph: Opening Ceremony]

You probably recognize this one (although not to worry, if you don't): Beyonce's eye-popping pizza outfit made celebrity news headlines recently, particularly falling as it did during her and husband Jay-Z's month of veganism. Created by Japanese model, actress and clothing designer Kiko Mizuhara as part of a collection for Opening Ceremony, the ensemble gets the point across. Each piece (there are these two and a third shirt option) is priced at $335.00; Kiko says she drew inspiration for the collection from the 90s youth of Tokyo—in particular the "bad girls" from well-off families who embodied a kind of no-fear attitude. That seems about right to me...anyone with an eye to wearing these will definitely need a little fearlessness.

Pizza Lighting

Pizza Gift Guide 2013 Lights

[Photograph: Amazon]

'Tis the if you're looking for a little cheesy holiday cheer, why not opt for some of these pizza lights this year? $29.99 for a set of 10 lights (10'8" in length), they're built for indoor and outdoor use. Each slice is topped with pepperoni, cheese, peppers, and mushrooms, and sized at about 2.5 inches. Gimimcky maybe, but colorful and fun definitely. Whether you decide to go all out and decorate a whole tree this way or just string up one batch as an accent, these lights are a pretty good way to go.

Gift Cards

Pizza Git Guide 2013 Cards

[Photograph: Society6]

Sometimes amongst all the gift getting, I forget a few important things. Most frequently this means any kind of wrapping whatsoever, but sometimes it means a card, too. I don't know about you guys, but I love getting cards—anything anybody took the time to actually write by hand for me is something I want to read. So make sure you're prepared to share your feelings this year with a set of these fluorescent, highly detailed pizza-patterned cards designed by Scottish illustration student Megan Bell.

Sleeping Bag

Pizza Gift Guide 2013 Sleeping Bag

[Photograph: Etsy]

Going to sleep after a pizza dinner is great...your stomach is full of crust and cheese and sauce, and hopefully you've got a slice or two waiting in the fridge for leftovers breakfast. But even better would be going to sleep IN a pizza dinner. That's right—for a mere $200.00 your wildest fantasies can come true with this pizza sleeping bag, designed by Brook Abboud. A graduate of Philadelphia's Tyler School of Art (with a BA in Fine Arts in Fibers and Material Studies), Brook makes each slice bag by hand. Roughly 6' x 3', they're stuffed with recycled quilts, hand-dyed and lined with flannel. The cute toppings pillows pictured here are sold separately, and you can choose from broccoli, pepperoni and mushroom. If you're into the idea, but associate with some people who aren't obsessed with pizza (although why I don't know), Brook also makes a baked potato beanbag chair and a set of waffle and syrup sheets!

I spared you the pie-scented fragrance oil and the pizza-flavored chopsticks...but if you're so inclined, they are definitely out there. Happy gift giving!