Cut Your Pizza With Laser-Guided Precision

Laser Guided Pizza Cutter

Laser-guided pizza cutter [Photograph: ThinkGeek]

What, you thought you could just like...slice a pizza up, any which way, and everything would be totally fine? I don't think so. Put down that pizza cutter or—god forbid—regular old knife and focus on this beauty: a laser-guided pizza cutter, from ThinkGeek.

With this new gadget, gone are the days of mismatched slices, the fights as friends and family grab for the last decently sized piece of pizza in a sea of disproportionately cut madness.

Laser Guided Pizza Cutter Diagram

The snazzy device is crafted from a sleek, black Zinc-alloy, with a stainless steel blade. It features a Class II laser pointer and flashlight scope (who doesn't love to cut their pizza in absolute darkness?), to precisely project a line on your pizza, allowing you to cut true.

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