Nathan Wyburn, Pizza Portraitist Extraordinaire


Natasha and Kieran [Photograph: Bridal Guide]

Yesterday it was Pizza Hut's take on basketball player Nate Robinson (which, as far as full-on novelty items go, didn't look terrible as a pie). Today, it's Nathan Wyburn's Dominos-based wedding portraits!

UK couple Natasha and Kieran surprised guests at their wedding with lifelike portraits...painted in tomato sauce and toppings. According to wedding blog The Knot, the couple is pretty into Dominos, so they commissioned food artist Nathan Wyburn to recreate their likenesses upon their beloved pizza. The pies were fully edible, and were served and eaten at the reception.

So who's the master behind this work? Welsh artist Nathan Wyburn, who's known for his celebrity portraits and pop culture imagery, most of which is produced in "non-traditional mediums"—mostly food and some everyday, household items. His Youtube channel features some work in progress videos, like the following of our happy couple.

Pizza Art Portraits by Nathan Wyburn

[Video: NathanWyburnArtist]

If you feel like it, you can also watch him do a toast and marmite Kate Middleton, or a Coca Cola Lady Gaga. The picture below depicts the artist himself, with a work he was commissioned to create celebrating Cardiff City Football Club's promotion to a premiership league.


Mark Hudson, Vincent Tan, and Malky Mackay [Photograph: Nathan Wyburn]

I can't exactly say that the finished product looks particularly appetizing (I'd definitely chow down on Nate's face over these), but obviously that isn't the point—and the guys' facility with a brush and some tomato sauce is pretty admirable.