Pizza Slice: You're Eating it Wrong


The Travolta [Photograph: Cooking Channel/Dan Pashman]

Or you might be anyway, and at the very least Dan Pashman has some alternative slice chomping techniques for you to try out. His new Cooking Channel web series, "You're Eating it Wrong" is into its third episode, which just so happens to feature our eponymous favorite: the slice.


The Inside Out [Photograph: Cooking Channel/Dan Pashman]

The series is about taking some of our favorite foods, and demonstrating (all in good fun) a few ways to eat them that might not have occurred to you before, theoretically in the search of making them more delicious. Dan also produces and hosts a food podcast, The Sporkful, covering topics from frozen pizza to dinosaur eggs.


The Crust-in-the-Middle [Photograph: Cooking Channel/Dan Pashman]

For the shows third episode, Dan takes us to Patsy Grimaldi's Juliana's for some taste tests. He covers four eating options: the old-school fold, crust removal and insertion, the Travolta, and an inside-out fold (you get a "crust chaser" with this last one). Check out the episode in full below!

Pizza Slice: You're Eating it Wrong

[Video: Cooking Channel]

I have to admit—I'm generally just a folder, but there's a part of me that's at least curious to try these other options, if only for the sake of exploration. How about you guys—are you filled with disgust or intrigue at Dan's roster of eating methods?

You can view the first two episodes—chicken wings (perfect your technique just in time for the Super Bowl!) and falafel sandwiches—on the Youtube video channel. Happy eating!