Poll: Beets on Pizza, Way or No Way?


[Photograph: woodleywonderworks]

First off, let me say—I love a good crust, but rarely do I love a good crust more than the topped slice itself...so my solution is usually to fold up the last little bit of the slice over the crust. But what about the rest of you? What do you do with your crusts?

1,111 of you voted, and the clear winning option: Eat those suckers, no matter what. In fact, most of you did at least something with your crusts; the losing choice was never eating them at all. The comments have a few good suggestions for what to do with them, including (notably), Paulie Gee's: "The late Joel Cimineri of Totonno's said that he'd break the crusts into small pieces and sauté them in olive oil before adding beaten eggs." Paulie also wisely advises the addition of a little cold butter—trust him.

So, this week: I want to talk about beets with you folks. I used to hate them—they were on my slim list of foods I try to avoid at all costs (Jello, banana flavored things, mint chocolate). I thought they tasted like dirt, and not in a loamy, forest-y, appealing way. Then, one day I tried some (my personal rule is to always keep trying), and miraculously, I liked them. Now I eat beets all the time, especially during this time of the year, when the market is so root vegetable heavy and I'm tired of the starchier options.

But how about on pizza? I've never had beets on a pie, but browsing through some old My Pie Monday posts had me intrigued...what would this latecomer to my food life be like on a slice? Would beets be good as a pizza topping?

Beets on Pizza, Way or No Way?