Video: Our Favorite '90s Pizza Commercials


[Photograph: Pizza Hut/wutail1]

I don't know if it's really possible to be nostalgic for something so recent, but these 90s pizza commercials have me longing for, if not a simpler time, one of more stop-motion animation and people in crab suits.

Pizza Hut: Pizza Head (Early '90s)

First up is Pizza Hut, with The Pizza Head Show—somehow I had completely forgotten about these, but now I remember they were totally fantastic. I've never been more tempted to actually go to Pizza Hut.

[Video: wutail1]

Little Caesars Pizza (Early '90s)

Next is Little Caesar's, with a dad willing to murder goldfish for onions on his pie, and a son clearly all too used to his father's bizarre and aggressive behavior.

[Video: Eddie Perez]

Domino's Pizza Commercial with Bronson Pinchot (Early '90s)

Then there's Domino's. Apparently, Bronson Pinchot was a fairly popular actor in the '90s—in the commercial, he plays a hated and foolish uncle who relies on Domino's to solve his problems.

[Video: Charles Bradley II]

Jeno's Pizza Rolls (Late '80s-Early '90s)

I hadn't even heard of this brand, but Jeno's Pizza Rolls is next on the list. I'm not totally sure what I'm supposed to take away from it—who is this guy? Why is he lying on the ground only to awkwardly hop right up? Why does he just fall asleep at the end?? There is very little nostalgia here for me, and a whole lot of bemusement.

[Video: jtc1084]

Chuck E. Cheese's Crabs (1994)

And last but in NO WAY least is Chuck E. Cheese's. I have vague memories of a few friends' birthdays spent at these places, but if I'd seen this ad I may have visited more frequently. After all, "we've got pizza! They've got...CRABS." What more do you need to know?

[Video: Admercial]