Would You Eat This Volcano Pie?


[Photograph: Sheboygan Press]

In Menasha, WI, two women—Nora Asplund and Kim Moutsopoulosare—decided to liven up the routine at Aspen Landing restaurant with the Volcano Pizza. According to the Sheboygan Press, it's inspired by a similar pie Nora discovered being made in Italy.

It comes one size, with up to three toppings, and is $10.95...but what exactly makes it a volcano pizza? Does it spew tomato sauce? Is it incredibly spicy? Totally ashen? The actual pie has a little more dramatic flair: "It's a double-crusted pizza with a dome," Kim says. "When we take it to the table, we cut a little hole in it and ignite it with some alcohol. After it burns out, we remove the dome and that is served with our homemade marinara sauce for dipping. Underneath is a normal pizza, already cooked to order."

I could see this going two ways—either this thing is a pure novelty act, fun but not particularly tasty (what does pie dough that's been doused in booze and semi-incinerated taste like?) or it's a delicious and innovative take on your regular pie. So how about it...would you eat this Volcano Pie?