Infographic: Thrillist Captures 71 Years of Chain Pizza


[Photograph: Thrillist]

Pizza, and specifically delivery pizza, feels like it's been around forever, but as this timeline quickly proves, that's most definitely not the case. Putting aside local, independent spots for the moment, the first spot to get things going in a major way was UNO in 1943. The late '50s was clearly where everything really took off (Pizza Hut and Domino's get their start there), but the ball has continued to roll, all the way through to 2002 newcomer America's Incredible Pizza Company. Check out the full timeline over at Thrillist.

My main takeaway? Mostly that I'm pretty happy to have been born in the second half of the 20th century. On the other hand, I'm also glad that I was born in New York City and never really had to rely on national chains, so...there you go. What about you guys—which one of these bad boys is your favorite?