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Who's Who

Adam Kuban | editor in chief and founder

Adam KubanLike many obsessions, my slice mania can be traced to childhood, when I hung out in my family's kitchen with my dad while he made pizza after pizza and sauce after sauce, testing recipes for a pizzeria he would eventually open in my hometown of Olathe, Kansas. Though that pizzeria has long sinced vanished, my love for the pie has not—a fact I hope is evident here on Slice.

Yeah, I was raised in Kansas, but I feel I've developed a sufficient love and knowledge of the New York school that my words have some credibility with readers. And, having lived all over the country, I've developed an appreciation for different regional styles—though I'm still trying to grasp the appeal of deep dish.

Because you're no doubt curious, my almost-constant favorites are Di Fara in Midwood, Brooklyn and Una Pizza Napoletana in the East Village of Manhattan. I used to cite Patsy's in East Harlem as a favorite but feel it has sufficiently slipped as of late.

Favorite Pizza Style: Something I call "New York–Neapolitan," which issues forth from the venerable coal-oven giants like Patsy's, Grimaldi's, Totonno's, et al.

Crust, Sauce, or Cheese? All are important, of course, but I'm a crust man. It's the most difficult element to perfect and to me, it's about 80 percent of what makes a good pizza.

Contact: adam@sliceny.com; AIM: NYCSlice

Ed Levine | publisher and contributor

Ed Levine, Serious Eats OverlordDuring the 12 months I spent researching my book Pizza: A Slice of Heaven, I consumed at least a thousand slices of pizza (roughly three a day) in 20 states as well as Canada and Italy. And that's not counting the ten thousand slices I consumed in my first 50 years of life on Planet Pizza, starting at Cairo's Restaurant in Inwood, New York. (My family's Sunday eating ritual was to grill steak and order a pizza from Cairo's.)

I tasted and took notes, burned fingers and tongue countless times, and ruined more pairs of pants than you can imagine—all in the cause of guiding you to the best pizza, the perfect pie, the slices of heaven that I've found through my passion for pizza.

I'm sure I ate the truly fantastic slices too quickly, and I've eaten more bad pizza in the name of "research" than you'd want to think about. But even after all those slices, I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to my next great pizza, wherever I might find it.

Contact: ed@seriouseats.com

Editors Emeritus

The following editors began the journey with Slice back in 2003 but for various reasons have retired with distinction.

Seltzerboy | city editor emeritus

As Slice's founding city editor, Seltzerboy helped guide coverage here and served as part-time wire editor for the site, scanning the news of the world for stories to fill our pages. His favorite pizza quote? Yogi Berra: "You better cut the pizza in four slices because I'm not hungry enough to eat six."

S'boy was invaluable around Slice HQ as our own "walking pizza reference room" and as a sounding board for the editor in chief's sometimes nutty schemes. He was easily the most discerning member of the staff, and we still tap his knowledge when necessary.

Seltzerboy's favorite pizzeria? Di Fara.

Entries by Seltzerboy

E-Rock | roving reporter emeritus

As our man in the field, E-Rock practiced a style of writing that earned him the nickname "the Hunter S. Thompson of pizza journalism"—at least around Slice HQ.

E-Rock's gonzo pizza reporting has brought him to Las Vegas, England, Boston, Kansas City, and Allentown, Pennsylvania, among other destinations.

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