Di Fara in the 'Village Voice'

This one's a little late, but Dom DeMarco gets a nod from the Village Voice's 2003 Best Of list as the Best Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway Show:

After you order a pizza, you could try to snag a table in the run-down seating area, but you'll have to wait an hour for your pie anyway and there's barely room for the customers who are eating. Plus you'll miss the second-best part: watching DOMINICK AT DIFARA PIZZA carefully assemble each order...

"Run-down"? OK. I agree that the less-than-tidy dining area leaves a little something to be desired (a wipe-down of the tables every now and then comes to mind), but it adds character. And it probably helps keep anyone other than diehard DiFara fans at bay. Here's to anything that keeps our wait for one of Dom's deliciously perfect pies to one hour or less.

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