ESPN's 'Cold Pizza'

Cold Pizza, obviously alluding to the cold-pizza-for-breakfast bachelor lifestyle of the show's target demographic.

About Cold Pizza, which begain airing this morning, the Daily News writes that "the kind of food, fashion, entertainment and female-oriented advice that usually fills out morning TV programs will instead be aimed at the young, male sports fans who typically watch ESPN2. ... For instance, Dawn Yanek, the relationship expert for Stuff magazine and a "Cold Pizza" contributor, could tell couples how to stay together if one's a Red Sox fan and the other a Yankees fan."

About the set: "Instead of a homey, morning show couch, "Cold Pizza" has the look of a bachelor pad with a vintage jukebox, flat-screen televisions and sports equipment stewn about. There's not a book in sight."

But, the News warns, "getting men to watch in the morning will be a challenge. Most of the male 18-to-34-year-old audience that ESPN2 is aiming for rolls out of bed and goes straight to work. They only make up about 7% of morning TV viewers."

I'll try to give the show a trial watch, but I'm one of those 18-to-34-year-old males who rolls out of bed and heads straight to work (well, after a quick shower and donning of clothes).

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