Also in today's Times, an item on the low-fat fast-food offerings that major chains have been rolling out recently. Both in fear of potential lawsuits and to suit consumers' changing tastes, outlets like Taco Bell, Burger King, and Pizza Hut have introduced healthier menu items that they claim are just as tasty. Times scribe Marian Burros puts them to the test and reports that the Hut's

Fit 'N Delicious pizza slices could satisfy many pizza lovers, though they contain much less cheese and a more pronounced tomato flavor. But the crust is crisp and the ingredients piping hot and reasonably savory. At 150 to 170 calories for one-eighth of a 12-inch pizza, with 4 or 5 grams of fat, 360 to 690 milligrams of sodium and 2 grams of fiber, some people who have forsaken pizza could be tempted to go back. There are six choices, including a couple with mild jalapeño; two have chicken chunks but I would leave the one with ham and pineapple topping at the counter.

"Leave the one with ham and pineapple at the counter." Ha. My sentiments exactly, along with the jalapeño chicken choices. But still, less cheese and a more pronounced tomato flavor coupled with a crisp crust ... that sounds much better than the Hut's usual cheese-smothered slab of dough, and I'm intrigued. I'd like to taste the Fit 'N Delicious for myself, but Burros goes on to say, "Sorry New Yorkers: you can't have any. They are available only at company-owned outlets, and there aren't any in New York. I tried them in Rockville, Md., a Washington suburb."

Looks like I'll have to wait 'til Thanksgiving in Milwaukee or Christmas in Florida to try it.

Portly toddlers could benefit from this fare as well.

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