Wolfgang Puck in Jersey

The first time I had ever heard of chicken pizza was while watching some cooking show in high school. I remember thinking it was novel idea worth investigating. I also liked other questionable things high school, but that's another story. Anyway, the man responsible for broadening my fowl-on-a-pizza horizon was Wolfgang Puck, who appeared on that show as part of its feature on Los Angeles restaurants.

Older and (a bit) wiser, I no longer think chicken on a pizza is a good idea. So I don't really know why the opening of Wolfgang Puck Express in Hoboken interests me. The New York Times reports:

Wolfgang Puck, whose Los Angeles-area phenomena Spago and Chinois now have branches in places like Chicago and Las Vegas, has opened his first outpost in the Northeast: Wolfgang Puck Express, a bright, casual spot in Hoboken, N.J. Why Hoboken? The space, a block from Hoboken Terminal in the Waterfront Corporate Center, 100 Sinatra Drive (First Street), was immediately available and has a splendid view of Manhattan. The restaurant, one of a chain of 28, has a pizza bar as well as tables and booths. Prices range from $4.50 to $13.95 for dishes like squash soup, Chinois chicken salad and smoked salmon pizza.

"Wolfgang Puck Express"? Sounds like a train line in Austria. We'll stick our head in and have a look at the pizza bar next time we're in Hoboken, which might be Saturday for the Lake Trout show at Maxwell's.

Wolfgang Puck Express

Address: 100 Sinatra Drive (1st St), Hoboken NJ
Phone: 201-876-8600

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