November 2003


We'll be taking a holiday hiatus while I'm in Milwaukee. And while Slice editorial policy dictates that I suggest pizza for your holiday meal, tradition calls and binds me to consume the succulent flesh of Meleagris gallopavo. Whatever you're eating this holiday, may you savor your meal among friends and loved ones. And remember, pizza is the perfect break from all those leftovers you'll surely have after tomorrow. If I happen upon any good pizza in the Cream City, I'll be sure to blog it. Bon appétit!... More

Slice Goes Willard Scott On Y'All

Newsday tells us that today is Emily Stolze's birthday. Yes, it's been a slow newsweek at Slice and we've taken to mentioning this item just to give you something new to read here. What has this to do with pizza? Well, it seems that Ms. Stolze, 106, "still loves her pizza and beer." Ah, a woman after my own heart.... More

Random Find

While doing a Google search for Di Fara Pizza, I happened upon this image of Dom DeMarco on the photo blog A Day in the Life. The photo, by Allison Garber, is part of a series A Day in the Life did in April, in which 200 photographers set out to capture a slice of Brooklyn life.More DiFara Pizza on Slice.... More

Pizza, Atkins Style

We at Slice could never go on the Atkins diet, specifically because it would preclude the consumption of pizza. But Villages Pizza, a Victoria, British Columbia, pie purveyor, has come up with a low-carb crust that, while not just what Dr. A ordered, is close enough to give his pizza-loving followers some hope. The inspiration for the "Atkins-friendly" pizza comes partly from Villages' alleged decline in pie sales due to carbophobia and from the co-owner John Papaloukas's own battle with weight. As the story in Friday's Times Colonist recounts, "The Atkins diet, introduced in 1972 in the book Dr. Atkins'... More

Send A Salami Pizza...

Today's New York Daily News carries a story about a Woodside, Queens, G.I. who arrived home for a two-week leave from Iraq. And what, besides friends and family, did Army 1st Lt. Marisa Pace miss most about New York? Pizza, of course. And she's not alone. A Long Islander who serves with Pace asked the 25-year-old West Point graduate to bring him a pizza on her way back to the region. It's too bad you can't ship pizzas worldwide the way you can a salami from Katz's. This reminds me, actually, of a service I stumbled upon a few years... More

Nick's in the 'Daily News'

Nick's Pizza garners a review in today's New York Daily News. Irene Sax visits the UES location for the News's Eats Beat section and reports: The crust was thin, well-salted and blistered along one edge from the oven's high heat. As it cooled, it stayed crisp, a sign of first-rate pizza. The fresh, light tomato sauce was barely flavored with oregano, the cheese was high-quality, and there were slivers of basil and a kiss of grated Parmesan on the top. Altogether a superior product.... More

Girls Rescued After Calls For Pizza

An alert Domino's employee helped spare two little girls from further neglect at the hands of their mother, TV station KATC reports. The mother had left her daughters, ages 8 and 10, alone for several hours with nothing to eat in a roach-infested, feces-strewn trailer. After the girls tried several times to order pizza, the employee became suspicious and called authorities, who discovered them.... More

TV Dinners

The Sun takes a look at the diets of six television characters and notes that pizza plays prominently in the eating habits of Homer Simpson and Tony Soprano. About Homer: "With his couch-potato lifestyle and ability to munch his way through a dozen doughnuts, pizzas, Krusty burgers, pork chops and beer in one go, middle-aged Homer should really be heading for his death bed..."... More

Baghdad Style

A man has opened a pizzeria in Baghdad, the New York Times reports in an AP story apparently picked up from the Wall Street Journal. Walid Mahmoud learned his chops working in a family pizzeria in Rome. When the Americans came to town, he cobbled enough cash money together to open a pie joint. "The Wall Street Journal reports on a good day he sells nearly 200 pizzas," the story says. "But orders can drop to a handful depending on terrorist activity." I bet. Not only that, but if Mr. Mahmoud offers delivery, he has to contend with some pretty... More

Elfin Goodness

Will Ferrell makes me cry. I just saw Elf last night, and the guy's antics had me laughing to the point of tears. Ferrell plays Buddy, a human raised by elves. When Buddy is confronted with his true identity, he's off to New York City, where his father lives. Before leaving the North Pole, he asks Santa (Ed Asner), "What's New York like?" Santa replies, "There are a few things you should know. If you see gum on the sidewalk, leave it. It's not free candy. There are thirty-five Ray's Pizza. They all claim to be the original, but... More

Fan Apizziation

Toronto Raptors fans got a free slice after the team scored 87 points against the Denver Nuggets.Used to be 100, but the Raptors don't usually score that much anymore.... More


A year ago Ed Levine wrote one of those stories that pizza aficionados devour and then turn to again and again as a trusted reference, the kind of story that proud parlor proprietors frame and hang on their walls. Running under the headline Pizza 2002: State of the Slice, the 1,800-word piece tallies Levine's top six slice joints. Emphasis on slice; for this report Levine avoids New York pizzerias that sell pies only.His seminal slice slingers include DiFara Pizza, in Midwood, Brooklyn; Joe & Pat's, on Staten Island; Joe's Pizza, in the Village; Louie & Ernie's, in the Bronx; Patsy's,... More

Former Deliveryman

This, from Tim Petrovic was another stroke behind after a 66, and he was on another kind of bubble. The former pizza deliveryman is 41st on the money list, and appears to be a shoo-in to wind up in the top 40 and qualify for the Masters. I don't really follow golf, so Petrovic's former career as pizza driver is news to me.... More

But Is It Kosher?

Israelis in Tel Aviv have cooked what they hope is the world's longest pizza. Channel News Asia reports, "The labour of love included 30 hours of work, 25 cooks, 150 kilos of dough, 50 litres of tomato sauce, 60 kilos of green olives, and 80 kilos of mozzarella cheese." Palestinian spokesmen vowed to retaliate with an even longer pizza.... More

Does Go Well With the Anchovies, Peter

For those of you who want to pair your pizza with the right wine, Vino-Versity offers a November 18 class to help you do just that. Held at Divine Bar West, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., the class will teach you how to match several grape varietals with a medley of pizza tapas bites. Tickets: $35 + $2 processing fee, in adv.; $45 at door Phone: 212-265-WINE Divine Bar West: 236 West 54th Street (between B'way & Eighth Ave.)... More

You Say Tomato, I Say Edible Wolf-Peach

An item in Newsday gives some info on the history and classification of the tomato. Among other things, it reveals that the tomato is a fruit. That ain't news to me (I learned that factoid back in, like, Fifth Grade), but I did learn that the plant's latin name, Lycopersicon esculentum, means "edible wolf-peach." For a thoroughly erudite and entertaining essay on fruit vs. vegetable, pick up a copy of Jeffrey Steingarten's The Man Who Ate Everything and turn to the chapter titled "Ripeness Is All."... More

Harvard Club Installs Pizza Oven

A Harvard education has many perks. Not only is a degree from the prestigious school a ticket to power, money, and the good life, but if you live in New York City, you get a world-class club with "a library, a reading room, a gallery of art, and such other appurtenances and belongings as are usual in clubs and club houses." With the expansion of the Harvard Club's 44th Street headquarters, "such other appurtenances" now include international rules squash courts and, of more interest to Slice, a pizza oven. The New York Times reports: The 1894 clubhouse, which had major... More

On the Map

Slice is on the map! We are now listed on NYCBloggers. Our train is the R. Our stop is the Union Street station in Park Slope. Check out NYCBloggers and search Big Apple blogs by neighborhood.... More

Tempting Tupperware

I almost became a thief this afternoon. The potential crime scene: the kitchenette at work. The motive: this ingenious item at right. It's a store-and-serve pizza-slice container, and I happened upon it on my way to the watercooler. One of my coworkers had washed out one like this one and left it to dry on the counter. Snooping closely, I found that it's made by Tupperware. Unfortunately, a search of the Tupperware website yielded nothing. The company apparently no longer makes it. Fortunately, there's eBay, and a quick search there turns up plenty of these accessories. At about an inch... More

The Pizza Made Him Do It

Halloween night's Larry King Live featured an interview with Ted Rowlands of KTVU and Laura Ingle of KFI radio, who were in the courtroom for day three of alleged wife-and-baby-killer Scott Peterson's preliminary hearing. (Nancy Grace was guest host; Mr. King was out scaring trick-or-treators.) Grace: Well, let me ask Ted Rowlands a question, speaking of his urgency, his concern—yes, it may have wiped out his mind what he was fishing with, but am I correct? Was it in the testimony today, Ted Rowlands, that when he got home, saw his wife's vehicle, the pocketbook, the keys, the wallet, and... More

Back to Deliveries

Matt Kennedy Gould, the unwitting dupe of Spike TV's fake reality show Joe Schmo, isn't upset after learning the program tricked him into believing he was starring in a real reality show. Heck, the law school dropout and former pizza deliveryman won $100,000, a trip to Tahiti, and a flat-screen plasma TV. One wonders how many tips it would take to make that kinda scratch schlepping pies.... More