I almost became a thief this afternoon. The potential crime scene: the kitchenette at work. The motive: this ingenious item at right. It's a store-and-serve pizza-slice container, and I happened upon it on my way to the watercooler. One of my coworkers had washed out one like this one and left it to dry on the counter. Snooping closely, I found that it's made by Tupperware. Unfortunately, a search of the Tupperware website yielded nothing. The company apparently no longer makes it. Fortunately, there's eBay, and a quick search there turns up plenty of these accessories. At about an inch and a half deep, it'll hold about two slices.

There are a couple possible drawbacks to this gadget. First, while it's plenty deep, its other dimensions might not be quite ample enough to hold some New York slices. (Whether a lot of these oversize slices are worthy of toting around in one of these things is another matter.) Second, I don't think many New Yorkers think about pizza in a way that would lead them to buy this slice caddy. For us, pizza is a hand food, a quick snack to be devoured most often by the slice, and usually within a half block after leaving the pizzeria. Our slice caddy is the white paper bag, or perhaps just the paper plate it's served on. It's not often we have leftover pizza to tote into work or send with our kids for lunch at school.

That said, I'm excited about getting one of these things. That's because I make tons of pizza at home, and the leftovers are great for lunch. Now I can ditch my ill-fitting rectangular Rubber-Maid container in favor of one of these purpose-specific devices.

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