When we asked readers to name their favorite slice joint in Park Slope, we got some nice responses, among them a tip from Slopester blogger Astrid: "Did you know that Franny's, on the Prospect Heights side off Flatbush, is going to be a brick-oven place? Let's keep our fingers crossed for tasty pies."

Thanks, Astrid. My friend BZ, who lives a few doors down from Franny's, had mentioned something about it a couple weeks ago, but I wasn't paying attention and didn't catch that it was going to be a pizza place. Your comment helped me put two and two together. While visiting BZ last night, we walked up to Franny's and took some photos.

BZ knows someone who knows someone who's opening the place and said that the proprietors were converting the basement to some sort of meat- and cheese-curing room. That bodes well for the quality of food that will be served—we hope. You'd think that anyone willing to spend the time and money to cure meats and cheeses on premises would not take food lightly.

The brick oven, from what's visible from the sidewalk and in the photo above, looks like a cut above the usual ones you see springing up all over, too. As Seltzerboy once said, "Most of these cachet structures offer more promotion than promise." Let's hope Franny's manages to put their structure to proper use and coaxes some thin, crisp-crust pies out of it.


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