Koh No! Pizza in a Cone

2004_04_16_KonoComp.jpgSlice wire editor Seltzerboy considers pizza to be one of New York City's quintessential "hand foods." A slice, he says, should not necessitate the use of a knife or fork. If you are a New York pie purveyor and your slices require any plate-to-mouth delivery devices whatsoever, you have failed as a pizzamaker. This conceit taken to an extreme, however, yields something like Kono Pizza, a cone-shaped creation that debuted yesterday in Milan.

Kono Pizza is the brainchild of Rossano Boscolo, who has his eye on taking the concept global in an apparent challenge to that stalwart hand-food duo the hot dog and the hamburger. Says the UK's Guardian:

The pizza takes three minutes to cook in a special oven, also designed at Mr Boscolo's training school. "He put a lot of study into finding ways to make sure that neither the mozzarella nor the tomatoes released water," [Kono spokeswoman Isabo] Rinaldi said.

"He's also managed to ensure the dough stays crunchy. The result is that your hands stay clean." ...

But she denied that it had been conceived as a challenge to US gastronomic hegemony.

"All that Mr Boscolo did was to take aspects of two quintessentially Italian food products, the pizza and the ice cream, and combine them," she said.

But she could not help betraying a hint of global ambition: "I suppose, in the far east for example, where people have reservations about eating meat."

The Kono Pizza is already available in Italy. It costs 1.80 euros (US$2.16 as of today). Plans are in the works to bring it to the UK. We can't wait till it crosses the Atlantic!

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