Kazuo Matsui's Seibu Lions card, with an actual piece of a game-used baseball (top left). Shea Stadium, or, as Seltzerboy likes to call it, "Shea International Airport" (top right). Mets players swarm Cliff Floyd, whose ninth-inning single drove in the game's winning run (middle). The food directory that led us to the pizza stand (above left). FOS (Friend of Slice) H.S. digs into (but doesn't dig) a lackluster slice (above right) at Shea.

When it comes to sports, this reporter couldn't care less who's on first or who f_ _ _ed around and got a triple double. But give me a free Mets ticket and just watch how fast my tune changes. "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," indeed.

Not only did last night's complimentary tickets to the Mets-Cardinals game give E-Rock and me the opportunity to see Japanese shortstop sensation Kazuo Matsui in action (as you might know, Slice is an unabashed fan of all things Japanese), it also gave us the chance to sample some Shea slices for our readers.

This will be a short review; the pizza at Shea leaves much to be desired and little to write about. On offer by Cascarino's, which apparently has non-Shea locations, the individually boxed and outrageously priced slices are available plain ($4.50) or topped with pepperoni ($4.75).

Your intrepid editor and publisher tried a plain slice. The crust: Tasted like the cardboard it no doubt sat in too long. The sauce: Its overt sweetness soon mercifully masked the taste of the crust. The cheese: A rubbery blanket that was tasteless at best and which, at worst, glued the slice to the bottom of the box.

Our crew of four only got through each of our slices because we hadn't yet eaten dinner. Next time you're at Shea, we recommend you buy yourself some peanuts and Cracker Jack instead.

Now that we've gotten pizza out of the way, let us just say that Mr. Matsui once again displayed the kickassness with which he started the season. Down by one run in the bottom of the ninth and with two outs, Mr. Matsui shattered his bat while putting a single over the head of Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols. That hit drove in the tying run and seemed to rally the team and the fans. Cliff Floyd stepped up, Matsui-san stole second, and Mr. Floyd made a similar hit, driving in the winning run.


* Kazuo, Go For It!


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