The New York Times Boldface Names column is absolutely obsessed with pizza. Exhibit: This is the THIRD time this year that the delicious dish has made a cursory appearance therein. (Here are Numbers One and Two.)

We're pressed for time at Slice at the moment, so I'll let the column's lede speak for itself:

PASCAL ROSTAIN and BRUNO MOURON are in town for the opening of their exhibition, "Star Trash,'' at the Star Trash Store in SoHo. For $6,000 you can buy one of their pieces, which include the celebrity refuse of MARLON BRANDO, CLINT EASTWOOD, JACK NICHOLSON, LIZ TAYLOR and CHARLIZE THERON. Meeting Mr. Rostain at a Tuesday party at Le Bernardin, where guests sipped Veuve Clicquot and ate lobster ravioli against a background of framed garbage, our Boldface correspondent did her best to contain her disgust.

Pizza, generating the amount of refuse that it does, had to take a bow in this collection. And which celeb contributes his pizza detritus to the menagerie? John Travolta, oh he of double-slice-fistin'-in-Saturday-Night-Fever pizza-eatin' fame:

He demonstrated, opening his eyes very widely and peering closely at a box of macaroni and cheese from the JOHN TRAVOLTA piece. It includes water bottles, a Fed-Ex box that contained the pizza that Mr. Rostain claims Mr. Travolta has flown in from Chicago every day, a SARA LEE cake container and cans of baked beans. No wonder the guy has had a weight problem.

Oh the horror! How is it that the man who played Tony Manero and Vinny Barbarino, of Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst, respectively, how can this man fly in Chicago pizza? The man was born in Englewood, New Jersey, fercryinout. He should know his pizza.

Proof that Hollywood—or perhaps Scientology—corrupts.


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