Like a hand in a glove, like milk and honey, like two peas in a pod—the Big Apple and pizza just go together. But lately it seems Apple Computer and pizza have had some weird connection. First Slice created and brought you piPod. And now we're reporting on this pizzabox PowerBook case.

From a UK company called Human Beans, PowerPizza, as it's called, is designed to disguise your Apple Macintosh PowerBook as a pizza. From the website:

Desirable laptops are desirable to thieves too. Disguise your laptop with a PowerPizza and reduce the risk of getting it nicked.

PowerPizza is designed so you can use your laptop without removing it from it's disguise. They'll think your having pizza for lunch again whilst you�ll be preparing that last minute presentation for the board, on your shiny new laptop.

We at Slice don't think PowerPizza is real, as the front page of Human Beans has a link to "Fictional Products." On the Biography page, the folks there seem to be some kind of design group concerned with keeping personal items secure.

We don't know if we'd use it if it were real, though. To maintain the illusion, you'd have to carry the box in a vertical position—not the most comfortable or space-efficient way to transport a laptop on the subway. Besides: We'd probably end up recycling our iBooks with the cardboard on Wednesday night.

Whatever the case, it's good for a gander. So there you go.


Slice on Macintosh computers.

[From enGadget via Steve Portigal. Thanks, Steve!]


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