FoldHoldHalf-thumb.jpgThat is the question. But do you want the answer? You do? Be careful what you ask for. I just found this discussion on a website called Seems the Football Guys are arguing the merits of folding a slice or not folding it. Discussion has gotten pretty heated. Witness:

OutlawsGM, who I think might be from Florida, says: "Folding a pizza has got to a northern thing. I had never seen anyone fold a slice if pizza until I went to the worst place in the world New York. Everyone was folding their pizza and I looked like an alien when I ate my pizza unfolded."

Not standing for that shit, Stompin' Tom Connors replies: "I got news for you -- it wasn't the unfolded pizza that made you look like an alien to New Yorkers. No, it was you and your pasty white Okie self stuffed into Bermuda shorts and suburbanite mall T-shirt, gawking slackjawed up at buildings over *gasp* five stories high, asking a local in a snail's pace moronic drawl where the Empire State Building is, tourist pins littering your Christopher Robbins hat, shuffling around the Today Show window so you can give grandma a thrill when she watched from the home."

Read the bulletin board discussion if you dare, gentle readers.


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