The pizzeria affiliated with the now-legendary Di Fara is open, and reports are beginning to trickle in to Slice and starting to appear on Chowhound. Here's what Slice reader Mike had to say about the place:

Had a slice of their regualar pie. I have to say it's pretty close (almost there) to a Di Fara's slice. (Very good as far as pizza goes.) I was happy to see Dom's daughter there overseeing the kitchen. Has potential!

Here's a link to the discussion on the Chowhound Manhattan message board: DiMarco's Report

As you can imagine, Slice is fairly busy as a good portion of the staff prepares for Christmas travel, but we'll make a trip down there this week and report back before leaving town.

UPDATE: It took us a little longer than we'd hoped, but we just posted our review of DeMarco's.

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