7:30 p.m.; Friday, December 17

Angelo's Pizza
Location: 117 West 57th Street (b/n 6th/7th aves.)
Phone: 212-333-4333
Getting There: Nearest train is the F/V at the 57th Street station.
The Skinny: An oft-overlooked coal-oven place in the heart of Midtown.

Wollman Rink
Location: Just north of the Central Park entrance at 59th Street and Sixth Ave.
Phone: 212-439-6900
Cost(s): $11 entrance fee, $4.75 skate rental, $10 lock rental ($6.25 of which is a deposit that you get back on lock's return)
The Skinny: To avoid the dreaded lock-rental fee, bring your own lock
Having taken November off to eat turkey and all the trimmings, Slice is ready for another Pizza Club. We're calling this one Slice on Ice: A Slice of the Season.

A slice of the season? you ask. Well, take a look at a typical pizza pie. It's got red (sauce). It's got white (cheese). Add some basil, and there's your green. Why, you can almost picture Santa Claus chomping down on a pie or two after his world tour.

And because we always try to tack on a fun activity to Pizza Club outings, anyone who's up for it can join us immediately afterward as we take a merry stroll a few blocks north to Central Park's Wollman Rink. There, we'll ice-skate off some of the calories we just packed on.

We'll meet at 7:30 p.m. at Angelo's Pizza on West 57th. Angelo's is a coal-oven joint that never seems to get all that much attention in the pizza press. They've got a nicely charred, crisp, airy crust and take an even hand with the cheese and sauce distribution. A large plain pie costs about $14, to give you an idea of what to bring moneywise.

Post-Angelo's, you nonskating Scrooges can go your unmerry way home. (And bah-humbug to you!) The rest of us will wander to Wollman Rink and take some turns on the ice. If you've never skated here, you've really missed out. Gliding on the ice with the city's skyline twinkling above you is enough to put wonder in the heart of even the most Grinchy Gothamite.

Wollman is open till 11 p.m., so we should have plenty of time for skating after pizza. The entrance fee on Friday night is $11. Skate rental is $4.75 (you can bring your own if you have them). They have small lockers for shoes and bags. There's no charge for a locker, but you'll need a lock¬ówhich, of course, does have an associated fee. You can avoid the charge by bringing your own lock; otherwise it's $3.75 plus a $6.25 deposit that you get back when you return the lock.

As always, the Slice Pizza Club is nonexclusive and is open to anyone who simply shows up. We shouldn't have a problem with space at Angelo's, but please RSVP at pizzaclub (at) sliceny (dot) com by 6 p.m. Tuesday, December 14.


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