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Slice reader Youthlarge just visited DeMarco's Pizza and wrote us an e-mail with a funny anecdote:

Listmaker and I went to DeMarco's sit-down last night.

What a major bummer.

Some Japanese girls next to us were totally talking about your site ("They took pictures of the bottoms of the pizza!" was the clue) but were giving MUG the credit. WTF, I wanted to ask, but we wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

Youthlarge was referring to Manhattan User's Guide, a handy site filled with great links, events, and information about New York City. MUG had included our entry about DeMarco's in its daily e-mail newsletter Tuesday, and that's likely what caused the Japanese women's confusion.

But what was so bad about DeMarco's, we wondered, as we've found it to be quite tasty, at least the slices we've had from the take-out portion. Youthlarge explained:

We were put off by the price first of all. Thought the crust was way too hard. And we felt robbed by the lack of pepperoni. There were like 2 to 3 pieces on each slice. Boo hoo.

I posted a review on my website today, check it out!

Slice will have to try the sit-down portion of DeMarco's again and see if we have the same experience as Youthlarge.

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