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Slice Surcharge Silliness from the Post

Welcome back to Slice for the week. We'd like to send a shout out to all our Aussie and Kiwi readers who are observing ANZAC Day today. Save room for pizza: Don't eat too many ANZAC biscuits or meat pies! Now, on to our posts for the week of April 25 ...

The Saturday Post op-ed page takes a stab at, misses, but somehow manages to kill humor anyway. Mr. Murdoch's tabloid reacts to mayoral candidate and Bronx borough president Fernando Ferrer's school-funding plan with a satirical list of ways Mr. Ferrer can finance education by taxing tourists:

20050425Ferrer.jpgNEWS ITEM: Admitting that "some who hear this will howl," [mayoral candidate] Fernando Ferrer . . . proposed a new stock-transfer tax to generate $3.5 billion over four years for schools. "There will be those who say Wall Street can't afford [such] tax . . . They'll spin images of Wall Street firms packing up and leaving town. Well, that won't happen."

Ferrer's proposal leaves untouched New York City's second-largest industry — tourism — which is truly a cow to be milked 'til it goes dry.

Sure, there will be those who'll spin images of tourists who can't afford to pay their share not coming to New York. Well, that won't happen.

So, herewith, Freddy Ferrer's Top 10 Tourist Taxes — sure to pop up at the former Bronx beep's next press conference: ... 4. A 50-cents-a-slice New York pizza tax — plus 25 cents for each added topping. And a 0.065% surcharge on all pizza with the word "Ray's" on the box. (Everything is progressive about New York City, especially its taxes.)

That would put the price of a pepperoni slice from Ray's ($3) at, oh, $3.99—assuming you used a take-out box with the name "Ray's" on it instead of the de rigueur white paper bag. Hey: They said "on the box." We're already finding loopholes in this "tax proposal."

Freddy's Top 10 Tourist Taxes, NY Post

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