HOW YOU DOIN'?: Mack's Pizza, in what appeared to be the original location (top left); well, at least it looked older than the version of Mack's farther south on the boardwalk. 92¢ a slice! (top right) Beat that, NYC! "You lookin' at me?" This pizzaiolo (above) at Mack's used a novel pizza-sauce pump to apply the red stuff to his pies, after first layering on the cheese.

For Memorial Day weekend, the editor and publisher of this site—that would be me—went "down the shore" to the Wildwoods in New Jersey. Memorial Day, of course, is when we give props to the men and women who have served our country in war. For their sacrifice, Slice is truly grateful. Their heroic efforts guarantee that this site can, in safety and freedom, glorify pizza in all its tasty forms, as trivial a pursuit as that may be.

Memorial Day and its attendant weekend have also become the unofficial start of summer, and the three-day holiday that many of us enjoy gives us respite from our labors. And while this site is done out of love for the pie, it is nonetheless a labor. So while I was in Wildwood, pizza took a backseat to relaxation. Alllow me then to take a cop-out here and present you with a gallery of photos from Wildwood, New Jersey, in lieu of the full-blown reviews you have come to expect.

Hey: It's better than nothing, right? Here they are ... enjoy!

Many of the pizzerias on the Wildwood boardwalk seemed to go heavy on the roman numerals. Hot Spot V and Leone's II among them (above). There were a couple of Mack's Pizzas on the boardwalk. There may have been more, but I lost track. The one below left was "the last Mack's on the boardwalk" and the sign there advised your editor and his friend not to walk any farther. The one below right was a few blocks farther south on the great wood walkway.

Not to go too heavy on the Mack's tip, but I've gotta show you the crazy device the tough-lookin' pizzaiolo was using to apply sauce to his pies. Click the above-left photo to enlarge it and you'll see he's got a sauce pump that he's using to distribute sauce on top of a layer of cheese. The pies at Mack's looked good, too. Very thin and crisp in appearance with a nice sauce-to-cheese ratio. We had just eaten a funnel cake and cheesesteaks beforehand, though, and were in no shape to stuff slices on top. Santino's Pizza (above right) is "home of the panzarotti"; we didn't investigate the nature of this exotic-sounding dish.

The 99¢ slice seemed like a deal when we first spied it, but half a block down the boardwalk was the 92¢ slice (see photo at very top right). The 99¢ slice place, however, did have a carnival barker of a pizzaman hawking his wares: "Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Ninety-nine cents a slice! Just 99 cents for the best pizza you'll eat on the boardwalk."

Wildwood presented pizza in many forms. Above you'll see a small stall dedicated to some pretty out-there egg rolls, pizza egg rolls among them. For some reason, the stand found it funny to misspell Chinese, saying on one glass panel, "It's not just chinese, it's Chineese." To which we said, ai yah.

The South Jersey Shore is a short trip from Pennsylvania, so a lot of Philadelphians visit. Their influence is not to be taken lightly in the Wildwoods. We had some good cheesesteaks there, but were not prepared to sample the cheesesteak pizza (above).

The Wildwoods have one of the largest collections of googie (a.k.a. "doo-wop") architecture in the country, so it wasn't surprising to find a googie pizzeria (above) along the main drag there.

We stayed in a googie motel in Wildwood Crest called The Astronaut. It was a disappointing example of the form, but the price was nice and it was on the beach. Just down the road from us were better representations of the genre, such as the Imperial 500 (below), and I couldn't help think how much my cousins would enjoy a Wildwood beach holiday.


Well, that's about all the stuff I've got to show you from Wildwood. It was a fun weekend, and I hope to go back this summer. If I do, I'll be sure to try the pizza and bring you a full report. Thanks for indulging my slideshow here, and hasta la pizza!


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