So, last night was the Food Blog Panel at Makor Center. As you might know, yours truly was a member of the panel, along with Alaina "A Full Belly" Browne and Josh "The Food Section" Friedland. Andrea Strong moderated.

I don't have much to say about the event, because I didn't take notes, didn't record it, and I was a bit nervous so can't remember many details about what we all talked about. Perhaps later in the day my fellow panelists and some of our fellow foodbloggers in attendance will chime in on their sites and I'll link.

We basically talked about the role of foodblogs in food media (were they a threat—ha!—to traditional media or a complementary source of info), why we started our respective blogs, what kept us blogging, which food writers we liked, and what other blogs we liked out there.

I felt I was a bit ineloquent at times and was told I was gesticulating too much, and I wanted to name a lot of fellow foodbloggers as daily reads but then fell flat and drew a blank, even though some of them were in the audience. Sorry, folks!

Anyway, it was a fun night—for me, anyway. Audience members: I don't know how you sat through an hour of bloggity blog blab. More power to you. And thanks, many thanks, for attending. (Special shouts out to the bloggers in the crowd: Capn Design a.k.a. "Hamburger" Matty Jacobs, Miss Ginsu, The Amateur Gourmet, A Year in Food, The Girl Who Ate Everything, Anil, Lia, Kathryn, Janelle, and anyone my sleep-deprived brain might be forgetting.)

Big ups to Josh, Alaina, Andrea, and the Makor Center, too.


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Photograph by Slice city editor Seltzerboy. From left: Adam K., Andrea Strong, Alaina Browne, Josh Friedland


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