Pizza Haiku Contest. In no particular order, they are ...

Steaming strands of cheese
Ripe tomatoes, plump and sweet
That’s a pizza pie
— Tracey Pollack

No one will agree
Red, white sauces. Meat? Cheese? Crust?
Ev'ry slice is sublime.
— Doc Railgun

a white slice for me
and a diet snapple ice tea
oh sod it, corona
— Rachel Dayman

Hot, oval in shape
I am Lactose Challenged
I will eat you still
— Peter Shankman
[This one expressed bravery in the face of great opposition.]

Red sauce, meat and cheese
Topping the thin circle of dough
Heaven in the round
— BunnyFace

holy fucking shit
this slice is fucking awesome
tastes better than sex
— Dave Lozo
[This one was the funniest. It's pretty balls-out.]

Heavy cheeses sweat
Languid full men undress joy
Frantic slices writhe
— Brian

Spun high in the air
Anticipation fills me
The first taste is best
— David July

Coal oven goodness
Blackened crust, tomatoes, cheese
Eight perfect slices
— Eli
[Points for givin' props to the coal oven!]

Hot triangle, drip
A river of juice on lips
Licked clean by my tongue
— Amanda Kentridge
[This was easily the sexiest haiku.]

slice she pulls by slice
stretch cheese crust crack see my heart 
empty pizza box
— Michael DeLeeuw

I live in Kansas.
We have no good pizza here.
Why do you tease me?
— Darrah Buren
[Props for mentioning the Sunflower State.]

Sad little slices
Dry beneath the warming lights - 
Gods, I miss New York!
— C.Z. Rasmussen

Doughnuts make you fat
Celery makes you skinny
Pizza makes you smile
— David Rosenberg

Now, because I'm fairly democratic here (despite what the rest of the Slice staff might say), I will open this up to Slice readers. We'll award something (whatever we dig up around the Slice offices) to the winner of the Reader's Choice award. Leave your votes in the Comments section below.


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