Slice has a bulletin board forum dedicated to pizza. It's called The Pizza Peel. I've got mixed feelings about the continued usefulness of this site feature, but every now and then, something pops up on it that catches my eye. Like this message from a TV producer. I thought I'd highlight it here on the main part of the site:

I’m looking for passionate pizza chefs for a Discovery Times Channel series called '15 Films About Pizza'. I need a pizza chef that believes the Chicago deep dish is the one and only- and a New Yorker that believes the NY style rules!

I'm also looking for a pizzeria brave enough to make pizzas for our global pizza taste challenge. We'll supply the recipes - but who will be brave enough to make curried cabbage pizza?!

This is all good fun- at goes out to 35 million viewers.

Finally I’m also looking for a pizza addict! Can’t go a day without a delicious pizza? Then get in touch.

Email me on

You heard her, folks. Have at it!

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