Bum Me Out, Scotty

20050721Scotty.jpgLike a decent number of Slice readers, I'm sure, I was saddened to learn of the death of James Doohan, a.k.a. Star Trek's "Scotty" or "Mr. Scott." I grew up watching Star Trek and enjoyed the cantankerous commander and his declarations—that he was doin' all he kin, cap'n. That she, the ship, canna take no more.

As is the case here at Slice, when a beloved public figure dies, we hit the Internets and see if the dearly departed had any connection to pizza. Mr. Doohan apparently did not, but we came across this page that posits what toppings Trek characters would order on their pizza.

Scotty's? "No more anchovies, cap'n! The tastebuds cannae hold it!"

Not that funny admittedly, but worth a chuckle or two.

Godspeed, Mr. Doohan! May you fare well in that undiscovered country.

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