dearslice.jpgQ: I love your site and use it often for finding a new pie to try... I read your review for Sally's awhile back and really liked it as I've had the chance to sample their pies on more than one occasion. As far as there being reservations, there's a secret phone number that longtime customers are given after a long patronage. You can also pick up pies this way. My girlfriend's family are big Sally's devotees so I've had the pleasure of jumping the line a couple times.

Anyways, the reason I'm writing is I'm wondering what pie, in your opinion, in the New York metro area is most similar to Sally's? Especially in the crust department. I've noticed that Sally's is much thinner and more burnt than I've found in NY. Any suggestions? — D.A.

A: You've got Slice stumped there, D.A. We've never had a pie here in the New York City area that's been quite like Sally's. (And say what you will about gruff New Yorkers, we've never, ever had service here as rude as Sally's.) Let's open this one up to our readers: You all know of any place that fits the bill here? If so, leave your mark in the Comments section of this entry. — The Editors

This is the inaugural Dear Slice column. Readers with pizza questions are encouraged to write to us at adam (at) sliceny (dot) com.


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