If you live in New York City, subscribe to Time-Warner Cable, and have a high tolerance for hot air, you can tune to NY1 between 6 and 7 p.m. tonight or tomorrow to catch this site's editor & publisher on the air. NY1, for those non–New Yorkers reading this, is like a CNN for the Big Apple. The all–New York-all-the-time channel will air a segment on Google Maps mash-ups in which I appear blabbing about how neat the tool is.

Slice, of course, uses the function in our recently released Slice Pizza Map, which plots all the pizzerias that we or our correspondents have reviewed since this site's inception.

If you didn't see or don't end up catching the piece, you can read and watch the online version here. All in all, it was pretty painless doing the quick, five-minute interview. NY1 technology reporter Adam Balkin did a great job on the editing, making me sound coherent while adding just the right screen shots that illustrate the points I was trying to make. Thanks, Adam!

Google Maps Mash-Ups All The Rage On The World Wide Web [NY1]


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