Slice started using that del.icio.us web-based tag/bookmark thing last week, seeing as how all these blogger folk are doing it. Upon signing up, we did a quick search to see what sort of pizza stuff (of course) was on there and found this pizza cutter–fork. We tucked it away in our bookmarks meaning to bring it to you and post about it after we had received and tested our forks.

Unfortunately, Boing Boing, the "Directory of Wonderful Things," forced our hand with its post this morning. Anyway, for the two people who haven't seen this already, take a look. It's a fork with a built-in pizza cutter, from Miles Kimball.

Slice doesn't know what to think of this. On one hand, it's fun and neat and quirky. (We did order a couple after all—did I mention that?) But on the other hand, pizza is, well, a hand food. You shouldn't need a fork and knife to eat it, as attested to by a recent Zagat survey. It should be crisp and well-balanced enough that you can pick it up without toppings getting all over the place.

Still, this "pizzork," as we're calling it, might have a place at the tables of establishments that serve Neapolitan-style pizza in the Neapolitan way—unsliced. Franny's and Una Pizza Napoletana come to mind immediately.

It would also find a happy home in the silverware drawer of my parents, who, when visiting recently, tipped their hands as tourists by using utensils at Coney Island's legendary Totonno's (see photo at left).

Pizza Fork and Cutter [Miles Kimball catalog]

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