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Dear Slice: Bronx Query

Dear SliceHere's a question we can't answer. (No surprise, as we're a little bare in our Bronx coverage, to put it mildly.) So we'll throw it out to the readers ...

Hi there,

I'm sure you get a million of these questions, so here's question one million one. Anyway, I'm trying to remember the name and address of a bar/tavern in the Bronx that's known for its pizza — there was an article in the New York Times about it about several years ago. As I remember, the bar/tavern was nondescript, but the pizza was great — there was only one person who made the pizza, and he was on the older side. I think the place was in Eastchester or Mott Haven — not positive, though — any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

So, anybody out there got the answer for James? If so, leave it in the Comments section of this entry. Thanks.

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