20051202Colbert.jpgOn Slice, I'm pretty monomaniacal on what I post about: pizza. Sure, I'd love to rhapsodize about how great the new Battlestar Galactica is (I'm dying for the new season to start). Or the sad, sad cancelation of Arrested Development. But I can't. I've gotta stay on message here.

So until I see Admiral Adama chowing down on a slice between cylon attacks or I run across one of the Bluths ordering a pie on the AD DVDs, I can't go there.

But the fleeting mention of pizza on last night's Colbert Report gives me license to mention this great new Daily Show spin-off. If you're not part of the Colbert Nation, here are your immigration papers. It is simply the best show on Comedy Central these days, spinning the whole fake news concept into an obnoxious O'Reilly-style pundit show that handily eclipses the Jon Stewart joint immediately preceding it.

In last night's Report, host Stephen Colbert brought us up to speed on the design of the medals Italy will be handing out at the Winter Olympics in Turin. What Stephen said couldn't be more truthy:

It was very, very exciting to get my tickets — until I saw the design of the medals released today. Take a look at these [top left]. Congratulations: You've won a giant gold washer. Or a subway token.

Think about it. You've been training since you were three. Your parents had to separate so you could live with your coach. Your brothers and sisters couldn't go to college so you could go to luge camp. You finally win the gold, and they put this around your neck.

Now apparently it's supposed to represent a piazza [top right], which the Olympic Committee calls "a great symbol image of Italy." That's an elegant translation. You know what another great symbol image of Italy is?

The pizza. And you know what a pizza [above] looks like? An Olympic medal.



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