Adrienne's in the 'New York Times'


Peter Meehan visits Adrienne's Pizza Bar and finds that "the difference is night and day."

He's talking about the vibe and the menu at lunch and dinner.

Until 5 p.m. or so, Adrienne's Pizza Bar is brightly lighted and bustling. Those who need to rush back to the office - Adrienne's is in the financial district - can grab a slice from the counter near the Pearl Street entrance. Those with time to linger can order from a simple menu that features gigantic 10-slice rectangular pizzas ($15) with a bevy of toppings to choose from ($3 each), as well as simple salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes....

At dinner, the lights are dimmed, softening the mood. A pinkish glow radiates from above the stiff-backed black leather banquette that runs most of the length of the room. The clean efficiency of the black-and-white color scheme is less pronounced; at night there is time to notice the chandeliers and the marble detailing and that any evidence of the slice line is gone, replaced by a display of dinnertime antipasto that is a part of the expanded, and slightly more expensive, dinner menu.

Gone from the menu, too, are the rectangular pizzas, replaced by round 10-inch thin-crust pies. Fantastically crisp, they are near facsimiles of the pizzas that one of the owners, Nick Angelis, serves at his restaurant Nick's Pizza in Forest Hills, Queens.

Don't worry, oh fans of the Grandma pizza. Mr. Meehan explains a few grafs later that the rectangular pies are available at night, too—if you order off-menu.

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