bloggersinamsterdam.pngLate next month, I'll be going to Amsterdam. Full disclosure: The trip is part of a junket for bloggers put together by, the web presence of the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions. is paying for the flight as well as five nights in a hotel near the city center, and an Amsterdam public-transport pass. In exchange, I've agreed to sit for an interview with the board of tourism that may appear online or in print, place the "Bloggers in Amsterdam" logo in my navigation bar for one year, and provide with one month of premium advertising space on Slice.

Bloggers invited over to A'dam are under no obligation to blog about the trip, but—and this is what is counting on—I'll likely file a few dispatches from the Netherlands concerning pizza. I'll likely file some concerning burgers, too, for A Hamburger Today. And any other nonpizza, nonburger food adventures that are interesting enough will likely wind up on Bite by Byte, my new nonpizza, nonburger foodblog.

I wrestled with this offer ethically for a couple of days. After all, it gives the appearance that Slice can be bought. I decided to take the offer, however, because the arrangement is part of an attempt by the Netherlands to draw foreign tourists to the country and in no way involves pizza or hamburgers. If this came from, say, the Chicago Tourism Bureau, offering to pay my way so I could review deep dish pies, I'd have to decline. Others, however, would not let me off the hook so easily. In some circles, the lot of us going on the trip are being compared to Jack Abramoff. Heh. But perhaps the most insightful post of I've read has been the one from Spot-On: The Netherlands 25.

Disclosure Statement [Bloggers in Amsterdam]
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