Moby's everywhere I turn the last couple of days. First as the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question on New Year's Day. Then on a couple NYC blogs yesterday as word of his tea shop's renovation spread. And now on the Food Network eating pizza.

But wait. Ain't that dude vegan? You betcha. But the slice he's holding (right) is from Upper East Side healthy-pizza pizzeria Slice.

Last night's Recipe for Success on the Food Network featured the place, and the story was fairly interesting, showing all the hard work and research the majority owner, Miki Agrawal, put into her recently opened pizzeria. It's particularly amazing to see the space as it was several months ago, all gutted before being built out. She took a lot of risks to open the place, and if the Food Network's numbers are correct, they're starting to pay off for her. Good deal.

Maybe she should talk to Moby about turning the recently closed-for-renovation Teany into a second Slice location.

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