Tomayto, Tomahto, Alito

20060202Alito.jpgFrom comes a story connecting recently confirmed Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. with the famed tomato pies of Trenton, New Jersey. "Tomato pies" are, of course, what Trenton calls pizza. The reporter visits the DeLorenzo's on Hudson Street and finds:

An answer to the Alito question has emerged with the pizza. This is pizza minimalism at its best. Unlike pizza chains that think they have to heap on the ingredients to win customers, De Lorenzo's is confident enough to know that less is more. Barely enough crust and cheese, not too much tomato and an emphasis on toppings that are not timid but also not over-the-top.

This could be good news to Cass Sunstein at the University of Chicago Law School, who wrote a book praising judicial minimalism but worries that Alito might move the Court sharply to the right. If Alito follows the example of his boyhood pizza, he will do just enough to decide a case: no more cheese, or rhetoric, than needed. His opinions will be tantalizing enough to draw a following but not as zesty -- and occasionally off-putting -- as those of Scalia. Scalia, I can attest, is an unabashed anchovinist when it comes to pizza toppings.

Alito's Tomato Pie Philosophy []
DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies [from the Slice archives]

[Thanks to reader Jaime W. for the heads-up on this story!]

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