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Please Help: Slice Needs Linguists!

It's not often that we at Slice ask anything of you, our readers. But now's one of those times that we do.

We want to know how to say "I love pizza" in multiple languages. Better yet, we want to be able to type it in the alphabet or character set of the native language, i.e., not transliterated.

We would be forever grateful if you sent us the following languages:

Afrikaans: Ek is lief vir pizza
Arabic: 20060312Arabic.jpg

Danish: Jeg elsker pizza
Dutch: Ik hou van pizza
Finnish: Minä rakastan pizzaa
French: J'adore le pizza
German (mine's rusty): Ich liebe Pizza
Hebrew (phonetic): Ani ohev pizza
Korean: 20060312Korean.jpg
Swedish: Jag älskar pizza

We already have Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, and French. And, duh, English.

You can send any responses to adam [at] sliceny [dot] com. My computer can handle pretty much any language you can throw at me, I hope.

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