"I'll be back." So uttered The Dominator last week, albeit through the words of his family. And back he is, so reports the New York Daily News. While that's all well and good, we think the News buried the real lede toward the end of the story (emphasis added):

[Dom] DeMarco won't get his stitches out for another few days, but he is eager to get back to his 12-hour days making his famed pizza — with its signature sauce of fresh and canned tomatoes, homegrown herbs and imported cheeses.

His doctor is pushing him to take it easy, and he may begin closing one day a week.

His wife, Margaret, 62, is also pushing him to start handing down his pizza-making secrets to their kids.

"God forbid this happens again," she said. "The shop needs to stay open."

Heavenly pizza spot set to reopen gates [New York Daily News]


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